Who Does Elle End Up With in the Kissing Booth 3 Book?

If you’re a fan of the Kissing Booth series, then you’re probably wondering who Elle ends up with in the third book. While we can’t give away the ending, we can tell you that it’s a heartwarming story that will leave you satisfied.

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In the third book in the New York Times bestselling series, Elle juggles a long-distance relationship, college applications, and a new friendship that could turn into something more.

The stakes are higher than ever for Elle Evans, but she’s determined to make her senior year of high school perfect. After all, she’s got her best friend Lee and her boyfriend Noah by her side. But when Noah starts spending more time with his new friend Amsterdam than he does with her, Elle starts to wonder if their relationship is as solid as she thought it was.

Elle is also busy working on her college applications and trying to decide what she wants to do after graduation. When she’s offered a job at a kissing booth at a local carnival, she takes it without thinking twice. After all, what could be better than making out with hot guys for money?

But things get complicated when Elle starts developing feelings for one of her customers, a guy who she’s been warned to stay away from. With her relationship with Noah on the rocks and her future up in the air, Elle will have to decide what’s more important: following the rules or following her heart.

What happens in the book

Elle ends up with Marco in the third book, after a bit of back-and-forth with Noah. She finally realized that she loved Marco as more than a friend, and that he was the one she wanted to be with.

Who does Elle end up with

At the end of The Kissing Booth 3 book, Elle chooses to be with Noah.

What the critics are saying

In the highly anticipated third book in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Kissing Booth series, Elle’s got a choice to make: does she follow her heart or follow the rules?

Rule #1: Friendship comes first.
Elle and Lee have been best friends since kindergarden. They’ve shared everything — clothes, secrets, crushes, even their first kiss. So it’s no surprise that they’ve been inseparable ever since high school started. But now that they’re seniors, things are changing.

Elle is starting to see Lee in a different light. And he seems to be interested in her too — but he’s dating another girl. Does Elle risk their friendship by telling him how she really feels? Or does she play it safe and keep her feelings to herself?

Rule #2: Don’t fall for your best friend.
Elle has had a crush on Noah Flynn since the first day of kindergarden. She thought she was over him when he started dating Cheyenne Hunter — one of the coolest girls in school — but now Noah is single again, and Elle’s feelings for him are as strong as ever. There’s just one problem: Noah has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t want to risk their friendship by dating her. So what is Elle supposed to do? Is it time for her to take a chance on love?

Rule #3: Don’t kiss your best friend’s ex-boyfriend.
Noah Flynn is off limits — even if he is the star of Elle’s daydreams. But when they find themselves at a kissing booth together at the school carnival, Elle ends up breaking Rule #2…and giving Noah a kiss he won’t forget. Now Noah seems interested in more than just friendship — and Elle can’t help but wonder if it’s finally time for her fairy tale romance to come true.”

How does the book compare to the movie

Though the book and the movie are based on the same story, there are a few key differences between the two. For one, in the book, Elle ends up with Noah, while in the movie she ends up with Lee.

Second, there is a scene in the book where Elle’s mom finds out about her relationship with Noah and she is not happy about it. In the movie, this scene is not included.

Third, in the book, Elle’s best friend Rachel is not included as a main character. In the movie, Rachel has a larger role and is even present during pivotal scenes, such as when Elle chooses to go to Noah’s college instead of her own.

Overall, though there are some key differences between the book and movie versions of The Kissing Booth 3, they both provide a heartwarming and enjoyable experience.

What fans are saying

With the release of the third book in the Kissing Booth series, fans are wondering who Elle will end up with. We’ve gathered some of the most popular theories from fans to try and answer this question.

Many fans believe that Elle will ultimately end up with Noah, despite her relationship with Marco in the third book. Some believe that Marco is simply a rebound for Elle, and that she’ll realize her true feelings for Noah by the end of the book. Others think that Marco is a convenient distraction for Elle, and that she’ll eventually choose Noah because he’s her true soulmate.

There are also those who believe that Elle will end up with Marco. Some think thatMarco is a better match for her than Noah, and that she’ll realize this as she gets to know him better. Others believe that Elle will choose Marco because he’s more exciting and spontaneous than Noah.

And finally, there are those who believe that Elle will end up alone. They think that she won’t be able to choose between Noah and Marco, and that she’ll ultimately decide not to be with either of them.

So, who do you think Elle will end up with in the Kissing Booth 3 book?

Where to buy the book

If you want to read the third book in the Kissing Booth series to find out who Elle ends up with, you can buy it online or in select stores. The book is entitled “Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time” and was released on June 16, 2020.

About the author

Elle Evans seems to have finally found the perfect relationship with her boyfriend, Noah Flynn. But when she is faced with a life-changing opportunity, she must decide whether to stay with Noah or go after her dreams.

Author Beth Reekles started writing The Kissing Booth series when she was just fifteen years old, and the books have since been translated into over thirty languages. Reekles now lives in Wales with her family and their two dogs.

Other books by the author

If you have read the first two books in the series, then you will know that Elle ends up with Noah in the end. However, there are other books by the same author that you may be interested in.

Some of her other popular books include Theon, which is a romance novel, and The Bet, which is a romance novel as well.


Leah is revealed to be bisexual in the third book. She starts dating a girl named Ariel and it is implied that the two of them end up together.

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