How To Get Mending Book From Villager?

If you are unable to locate a librarian, capture one villager and set up a lectern next to them. They will become librarians as a result. Break and place the lectern repeatedly until the librarian offers a book for mending, then exchange with them to get their trades.

Similarly, How do you get a villager that sells mending books?

In conclusion, the following is how you get a Mending Villager in Minecraft: Locate a villager. Construct a lectern nearby. View its contents. Destroy the Lectern and set up a new one nearby. Up till you get Mending, repeat the first four stages.

Also, it is asked, What are the odds of getting mending from a villager?

This indicates that the likelihood of selecting repair is 1/(number of enchantments). There is a 50% chance of picking Sharpness in your simplified example between that number and Infinity. A second random roll then establishes the degree of sharpness. So my chances of having Mending are one in thirty?

Secondly, Do librarian villagers sell mending books?

To turn one of the villagers into a librarian, you must create a lectern and present it to him. You may barter with him once he becomes a librarian for Mending Books.

Also, Why can’t I get a mending villager?

Simple trial and error is the only certain way to find a repairing villager. Although they may be found in communities, keeping them contained makes it much simpler to deal with them. Players should make sure there aren’t any adjacent jobs since once the villager(s) are confined, it will take the first one.

People also ask, Can you get mending from Level 1 villager?

One of the greatest in-game enchantments, mending is also one of the easiest to get since all you have to do to restart a villager’s trade is break its leash.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the fastest way to get mending?

The simplest method to get Mending in Minecraft is by trading with a Librarian Villager. In Minecraft, a Librarian Villager is the best source of Mending enchantment. The game’s librarians are undoubtedly the most helpful villagers. They are able to distribute Mending as well as other kinds of treasure enchantment books.

Is mending a level 30 enchant?

It is usually preferable to wait until level 30, which is the minimum need for the finest enchantments. However, mending is not an enchantment that you may purchase from the enchanting table. It is truly regarded as a “treasure enchantment,” which means that only charmed books may be discovered in different places across the globe.

What kind of villager sells mending?

Villager librarian

How do I find a mending book?

Mending books may be discovered in the world of Minecraft hidden in chests. Exploration is lucrative, and Mending books may be found in chests in buildings like mineshafts, end cities, wooded mansions, and dungeons.

How rare is a book of mending?

Reason: If I calculated properly, a villager may exchange 106 distinct enchanted books (including books of various levels). Therefore, the likelihood of repairing is 1 in 106.

Does mending work on Netherite?

Tools and weapons made of netherrite are not repairable.

Does Infinity do in Minecraft?

The infinite enchantment in Minecraft only works on bows. The player’s ability to fire arrows indefinitely is the only result of this enchantment. The infinite is rather different from the bulk of the enchantments in Minecraft in that it lacks tiers. As a result, it will always be at level one, the same tier.

Which is better mending or Unbreaking?

Is fixing preferable to fixing? Except for bows, mending is preferable than unbreaking for any instrument, weapon, or armor. Bows will want infinity and the resolution of any disputes with it. Although unbreaking may enhance endurance by a factor of two, three, or even four, it still cannot compare to indefinite.

Where can I get mending?

Mending is a kind of treasure enchantment that may be acquired from fishing, chest loot, or trade with any level of librarian.

Can you mix Unbreaking and mending?

Even though unbreaking and mending are themselves fairly powerful, together they make it almost impossible for your armor or tool to shatter.

Does Fortune work on ancient debris?

Like iron and gold ore, ancient trash is unusable by the Fortune enchantment. Additionally, no experience is lost. Digging an extremely long, two-block high, one-block wide tunnel from y=12 to y=15 is a quick and effective technique to search for old trash. After that, add TNT blocks next to it at 4 block intervals.

How many levels is too expensive in Minecraft?

After the XP cost hits 40 levels in a survival game, people become “too costly.” When something is struck six times on an anvil, this occurs.

How do you get XP with a shovel?

You may just stand there and harvest orbs while holding the shovel if you have an entirely automated EXP farm. Any other action that produces orbs also functions. Holding the shovel while collecting the EXP orbs from smelted objects, breeding monsters, and trading with villagers will repair your shovel.

How do you lower enchantment cost?

combining a tool with a magical book to give the instrument the magic of the book. This may offer enchantments to goods that they couldn’t acquire at an enchanting table and is far less expensive than combining the enchantments from two identical items.

Is Flame 2 a thing?

Only piglin trade or villager trading like Mending can get Soul Flame or Flame 2, which turns the shot into a blue flame and doubles the damage like blue fire.

Does Unbreaking 3 last forever?

As a result, it can be seen that an Unbreaking III Diamond Pick would often endure for 6,144 uses (four times as long as a regular Diamond Pick), while there is a risk that it might break after only 6,000 uses. Similar to that, there’s a possibility that it will endure for 6,500 uses.

What does mending do for elytra?

Elytra may be blessed with the Mending spell, which causes them to mend when the player gains experience orbs while wearing or carrying them. In the player crafting grid, elytra may also be mended by joining two broken pairs of elytra.

What dies mending?

One of the most potent enchantments in Minecraft is called “mending,” and it basically enables users to increase an item’s strength and durability by using EXP (Experience) orbs. Tools, swords, books, and other things may all be repaired with a mending enchantment.

Is mending overpowered?

Even now, mending is too powerful. It is no longer essential to fix it with another one after you’ve enchanted it into a tool or piece of armor. XP is incredibly quick and accomplishes everything. This enchantment might be strengthened by adding levels.

How many emeralds is a mending book?

It varies greatly. They may cost more than 30 emeralds if you’re unfortunate. My villager who fixes things charges 36 emeralds for it.


The “how to get mending villager bedrock” is a quest in the game Minecraft. It requires players to find a book that will teach them how to mend items. The book can be found by mining bedrock, which is found at the bottom of the world.

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