Don Lemon’s New Book at Barnes and Noble

Don Lemon’s new book, “Transition: My Journey from College to the Real World” is now available at Barnes and Noble. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of one of America’s most popular television personalities.

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Don Lemon, anchor of CNN Tonight, has written a new book entitled Transparent. In Transparent, Lemon offers an intimate and honest look at his life as a gay black man in America. He discusses his experiences with racism, homophobia, and discrimination, and how he has navigated these experiences to become the successful journalist he is today.

Lemon’s book is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

About the book

In his new book, “don’t believe the hype”, cnn host don lemon offers an urgent and eye-opening look at the presidency of donald trump, and how the politics of fear, misinformation, and anger have taken over our country.

Through more than a year of reporting, lemon has witnessed firsthand the effect that trump has had on americans and their relationship to one another. Now, in this searing tell-all, he sets the record straight about a man who he believes is unfit for office.

In “don’t believe the hype”, lemon offers a unique and powerful insider’s account of trump’s rise to power, as well as an urgent call to action for all americans who care about their country’s future.

Barnes and Noble

Don Lemon, the host of CNN’s “New Day” has a new book out, and it is available at Barnes and Noble. Titled “Transparent,” the book is about Lemon’s life as a gay Black man in America.

Here is what Barnes and Noble says about the book:

“In his memoir, Lemon details his coming-of-age as a gay Black man in the South, his experiences as a journalist during some of the country’s biggest news events, and how he eventually found his place in the world.”

You can purchase the book here.

Don Lemon

Don Lemon is an author, broadcaster, and CNN anchor. His new book, “This Is the Fire,” is available now at Barnes and Noble.

The book’s contents

In his new book, “Transparent,” CNN host Don Lemon details his struggles with coming out as a gay black man and the challenges he has faced throughout his life and career.

The book, which is set to be released on Tuesday, offers an intimate look at Lemon’s personal journey and the experiences that have shaped him.

In an excerpt shared exclusively with The Times, Lemon opens up about the pain he felt growing up in a racist and homophobic environment. He also candidly discusses the moments when he considered suicide and how he ultimately found the strength to live his truth.

With brutal honesty and searing wit, Lemon offers a powerful coming-of-age story that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.


Don Lemon’s new book, “This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage,” is getting a lot of attention from readers.

The book, which is a collection of essays about love and marriage, has been praised by many for its insight and humor.

But not everyone is a fan. Some reviewers have criticized the book for being too personal and for not offering enough practical advice.

Regardless of the mixed reviews, “This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage” is sure to spark a lot of discussion among those who read it.


There has been some criticism of Don Lemon’s new book, particularly from the African American community. Some have accused Lemon of trying to profit from the Black Lives Matter movement, and others have criticized him for not doing enough to support the movement.


To celebrate the release of his new book, “Transparent,” on October 2, 2018, Don Lemon will be appearing at select Barnes and Noble locations across the country. Check out the list of events below to see if he’ll be appearing near you!

* October 2 – New York, NY – Barnes and Noble Union Square (7:00PM)
* October 3 – Boston, MA – Barnes and Noble Boylston Street (7:00PM)
* October 4 – Philadelphia, PA – Barnes and Noble Rittenhouse Square (7:00PM)
* October 5 – Washington, DC – Barnes and Noble Bethesda Row (7:00PM)
* October 6 – Miami, FL – Books and Books Coral Gables (3:00PM)
* October 7 – Dallas, TX – Barnes and Noble Lincoln Park (3:00PM)
* October 8 – Houston, TX – Barnes and Noble River Oaks (3:00PM)
* October 9 – Chicago, IL – Barnes and Noble Oak Brook Center (7:00PM)
* October 10 – Los Angeles, CA – The Grove at Farmers Market (7:00PM)


Friday, November 1st at 7pm
Join us for a special event with television journalist Don Lemon as he discusses his new book, Transparent.

Lemon will be in conversation with Michaela Pereira, host of CNN’s New Day.

Barnes & Noble
The Grove at Farmers Market
Kiosk 116, 3rd Floor
189 The Grove Drive Suite K30
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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CNN’s Don Lemon has a new book out called Transparent. The book, which was released on Tuesday, is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

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