A Touch Of Jen – The Book?

A Touch Of Jen is a novel about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery and healing. It is a story of love, loss, and hope.

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Jen’s writing process

From the moment I decided that I wanted to try my hand at writing a book, I was both terrified and exhilarated. I had no idea where to start or what the process would entail, but I was ready to jump in and see what happened.

Now, almost two years later, I can say that the experience has been both challenging and rewarding. If you’re thinking about writing a book, here’s a brief overview of my process.

The first step was, of course, to come up with an idea. For me, this involved a lot of brainstorming, freewriting, and mind-mapping. Once I had a general concept that I was happy with, it was time to start planning out the details.

I created an outline of each chapter and began doing research on my topic. This step took quite a bit longer than I anticipated, but it was important to make sure that my information was accurate and up-to-date.

Once I felt confident in the content of my book, it was time to start writing. I set aside a certain amount of time each day to sit down and work on the book, and slowly but surely it began to take shape.

The next step was finding someone to edit my work (a process that is ongoing). After making all of the suggested changes, I submitted my book to beta readers for feedback. Again, this step took longer than expected but ultimately helped make the book better.

Now that the book is finished, it’s time for marketing and promotion. This is an ongoing process as well, but one that I’m enjoying immensely. Writing a book has been a great experience, and one that I would recommend to anyone who has ever thought about doing it themselves.

The book’s content

The book will be about my life as a journalist and how I got started in the industry. It will also feature interviews with some of the biggest names in the business, as well as tips and advice for aspiring journalists.

Why Jen wrote the book

When Jen Pahlka decided to write her first book, A Touch of Jen, she had two goals in mind. The first was to share her unique approach to product design and development with the world. The second was to inspire other women to pursue careers in technology.

In A Touch of Jen, Pahlka walks readers through her process for designing and building digital products that are user-friendly, accessible, and equitable. She also share stories from her own career journey, offering advice and guidance for other women who want to enter the tech field.

Whether you’re a seasoned product professional or just starting out, A Touch of Jen will give you the insights, tools, and motivation you need to build products that make a difference.

The book’s target audience

The book is geared towards young adults aged 18-30.

How the book can help readers

Jen Sincero’s book “You Are a Badass” has become a self-improvement classic. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you do. In the meantime, let me tell you how the book can help change your life for the better.

First and foremost, Jen is hilarious. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, which makes for a refreshing and relatable read. But beyond the laugh-out-loud moments, Jen offers some serious food for thought – namely, that we are all capable of so much more than we realize.

One of my favorite passages from the book is:
“Your only job is to be yourself and go after your dreams with everything you’ve got.”

This is such an important message, especially for women. We are often socialized to doubt ourselves, to second-guess our instincts, and to give up on our dreams when things get tough. But Jen encourages us to persevere – to trust in ourselves and go for it anyway.

If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or just plain bad about yourself, I urge you to pick up a copy of “You Are a Badass.” It just might be the kick in the pants you need to get your life on track.

Jen’s favorite book passages

There are so many wonderful passages in Jen’s favorite book, “The Catcher In The Rye,” but these are just a few of her favorites.

“If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth. In the first place, that stuff bores me, and in the second place, my parents would have about two hemorrhages apiece if I told anything pretty personal about them.”

This is one of Jen’s favorite passages because it so accurately describes how she feels about her own life. She doesn’t want to bore anyone with the details of her childhood or her parent’s lives – she’d much rather keep things light and fun.

“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.”

This is another favorite passage of Jen’s because it describes how she feels about books in general. She loves books that make her feel like she knows the author personally – as if they are friends.

What readers are saying about the book

“I absolutely loved this book! I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. It was so well written and easy to read. I loved the characters and the story line. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great romantic read.” – Amazon Reviewer

“A Touch of Jen was a touching, heartwarming story that I really enjoyed. I loved the characters and the story line. The author did a great job of making me feel like I was right there with them. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read.” – Goodreads Reviewer

“I really enjoyed this book! It was a nice, easy, light read that was perfect for summer. I loved the characters and their story. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good summer read.” – Barnes & Noble Reviewer

Where to buy the book

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of “A Touch of Jen”, you can do so through the following outlets:

-Barnes & Noble
– IndieBound

You can also find the book through your local bookstore or library.

Upcoming book events

It’s official – A Touch of Jen, the book, is now available for purchase! You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

I’ll be hosting several book events in the coming weeks – see the list below for details. I hope to see you there!

– March 3: Book launch party at The Bookshelf in Carrboro, NC
– March 10: Signing event at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC
– March 17: Author talk at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC

Jen’s blog

Welcome to A Touch Of Jen, my blog about all things related to books! Here you’ll find book reviews, recommendations, and sometimes even author interviews. I love reading and sharing my thoughts on books, so I hope you enjoy my blog.

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