A Certain Hunger: The Book that Everyone is Talking About

If you’re looking for a book that everyone is talking about, then you need to check out A Certain Hunger. This book has something for everyone, and you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.

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A Certain Hunger is a book that everyone is talking about. It is a story of love, loss, and hope. It is a story of a woman’s journey to find herself. It is a story of a family’s struggle to stay together. And it is a story of a community’s fight to survive.


A Certain Hunger is the story of a woman’s struggle with anorexia. Told from the perspective of the protagonist, it details her battle with the disorder, as well as her eventual recovery. The book has been praised for its candid and honest portrayal of anorexia, and has helped to raise awareness of the disorder.


Characters are the people or animals that take part in the story. They are usually divided into two groups: major and minor. The major characters are the ones who drive the plot forward and have a significant impact on the story. The minor characters support the major characters and help to develop the story.


Certain Hunger is a novel about a woman’s journey to discover herself. The book has been praised for its exploration of themes of identity, hunger, and desire.


The book is set in a small town in upstate New York during the late 1800s. It tells the story of a young girl named Charity and her struggle to survive in a world that is plagued by poverty and illness.


A Certain Hunger is a gripping novel about a woman’s battle with anorexia. The book has been praised for its honest portrayal of the character’s struggle, as well as its insights into the motivations behind her disorder.

Critical Reception

“A Certain Hunger is a stunning debut novel that explores the hungers that drive us all—for food, for love, for acceptance. Told with humor and grace, it’s a compulsively readable story about family, friendship, and finding your way in the world.”

“A beautifully written debut novel about family, food, and finding your way in the world. I devoured this book in one sitting!”

“An engaging and often humorous debut novel about mothers and daughters, friendship and food.”


A Certain Hunger has been generating a lot of buzz and winning awards ever since it was first published. Here are just a few of the accolades it has received:

– Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction
– Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
– Winner of the American Book Award
– A New York Times Bestseller

Film and stage adaptations

It was inevitable that a book like A Certain Hunger would be adapted for the big screen. The story is so compelling, the characters so richly drawn, that it’s impossible to resist. And indeed, there have been several film and stage adaptations of the book over the years.

The first film adaptation was released in 1965, and starred Julie Christie as Alice Freeman. It was directed by John Schlesinger, and received mixed reviews. Some critics praised the film for its unflinching portrayal of mental illness, while others criticized it for being too bleak and depressing.

The second adaptation was a made-for-television movie that aired in 1989. Starring Jane Seymour as Alice Freeman, it was directed by Robert Markowitz and received largely positive reviews. Critics praised Seymour’s performance, and said that the film did a good job of capturing the book’s dark humor.

The most recent adaptation is a stage play that premiered in London in 2015. It starred Lily James as Alice Freeman, and was directed by Simon Godwin. The play received rave reviews, with many critics calling it a “revelation”. James’ performance was particularly praised, with one critic writing that she “transcends the material”.

Further reading

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